Outer Banks Charter Rates (Oregon Inlet)

Our rates are for the entire boat (not per person) and includes all the things we provide. There is no need to purchase fishing licenses because everyone aboard Wild Card is covered under our blanket charter boat fishing license. We also always provide all fishing tackle, gear, lures, fuel, bait and even your ice needed while aboard the boat. For your safety please only wear comfortable soft soled shoes to prevent slipping or getting hurt. Please check our "Frequently Asked Questions" section below for even more specific chartering informative details.

North Carolina's famous Oregon Inlet has a deep rooted long standing tradition of professional top quality fishing boats, captains and crews. We are very proud to carry on this tradition. The Outer Banks also has an exceptional number of great restaurants, comfortable lodging, bait and tackle stores, gift shops, beaches, parks and lots of excellent quality outdoor recreation. There will always be something of interest on the Outer Banks for every member of your family!

On the Wild Card you will always hear us use plenty of "Yes Sirs" and "Yes Ma'ams" while enjoying our own style of Outer Banks "Down Home" hospitality!

Charter Type Time Range Price
Half Day Near Shore Inshore 4.5 hours $550.00
3/4 Day Near Shore Inshore 6 Hours $800.00
Full Day Near Shore/Tower 8 Hours $1300.00
Full Day Offshore Variety Trip (Bottom/Trolling) 10.5 Hours $1700.00
Full Day Offshore Deep Sea (Gulf Stream) 10.5 Hours $1700.00

We now accept credit card deposits. You can book directly through us or reserve through Outer Banks Marina. It is important to note that our charter rates are not per person! These rates are for chartering the entire boat which is US Coast Guard licensed to accommodate up to six people in your group.

Half Day Near Shore Inshore

Half Day Near Shore and/or Inshore can be either in the calm waters of the Pamlico Sound or close in sight of the Outer Banks Beach. These trips are great for "first timer's" or family groups with kids. Trips run from 6am-10:30am, 11am-3:30pm and 4:00pm-8:00pm. Bottom fishing and light gear trolling are the normal methods used here. Fish to expect are croakers, spot, pigfish, pufferfish, spanish mackeral, bluefish, albacore, red drum and cobia, etc... Depending on the day and what fish are available during your trip.

3/4 Day Near Shore Inshore

3/4 Day Near Shore and Inshore trips are basically the same as the half day near shore inshore, but it gives our charter customers a few extra hours to enjoy your trip.

Full Day Near Shore/Tower

Full Day Near Shore/Tower trips will find us fishing our light gear for hard pulling amberjack, then trolling back towards the Beach. While fishing back towards the beach we commonly catch king mackerel, dolphin (mahi mahi), spanish mackerel, bluefish, red drum, cobia, etc..... These trips can be targeted for hard fighting/very tasty cobia, when they are running along our beach in the Spring and early Summer. Again the fish we encounter will depend on the day's conditions and what is available during your trip.

Full Day Deep Sea Variety Trip

Full Day Deep Sea Variety Trip will find us leaving the dock well before daylight and fishing with light tackle for amberjack around structure. Then we put out our trolling spread fishing offshore to the deep waters of the Gulf Stream. While on our way offshore we "deep drop bottom fish" for extremely tasty blueline tilefish and black sea bass, (please note that we can only fish for these bottom fish when the Government regulated season is open). While trolling off to the deep water we commonly catch dolphin (mahi mahi), king mackerel, wahoo, blackfin tuna and yellowfin tuna. Again the fish we encounter will depend on the day and what is available during your trip.

Full Day Deep Sea Charter Trip

Full Day Deep Sea Trips will find us leaving the dock well before daylight, heading straight Offshore for our Outer Banks Gulf Stream deep water fish. The fish generally targeted during these trips are yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, dolphin (mahi mahi), wahoo and possibly billfish, etc.... Again the fish we encounter will depend on the time of season and what is typically available at that time. (Note: We are also rigged for deep jigging when conditions are acceptable).

Yes, a cash or check deposit is required for all reservations. Half Day deposits are $200 and Full Day deposits are $400. OBX Marina (252-473-9991) can take your credit card deposit or full payments for a 3% fee.
All necessary fishing licenses are provided by our charter boat.
We actually encourage our potential charter customers to call beforehand so that we can discuss the specific details for your charter. We want to custom design every charter to each customer individually. It is our goal that our customers realize that this trip is all about them.
We offer special charter/lodging packages in combination with Sea Ranch Resort (800-334-4737). We also have a special pricing worked out with Dare Haven Motel (252-473-2322). For the best rates just mention that you will be fishing on the Wild Card.

DAYS INN OCEANFRONT WRIGHT BROTHERS | www.obxdaysinnoceanfront.com | (252) 441-7211 | Mention the “Wild Card Discount” They can take 10% off any room type year-round.

DAYS INN & SUITES MARINER | www.obxdaysinnmariner.com | (252) 441-2021 | Mention the “Wild Card Discount” They can take 10% off any room type year-round.

WRIGHT COTTAGE COURT | www.obxwrightcottagecourt.com | (252) 441-7331 | Mention the “Wild Card Discount” They can rent a cottage nightly for 2 or more nights prior to the Friday of Memorial Day or starting Labor Day Monday and they can take 15% off the nightly rate. We would require ½ of the total amount due as a deposit with these reservations.
All gear, bait and ice will be onboard waiting for your arrival. All you need is your own food, drinks, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, camera, soft soled shoes, etc. Please keep the number of carry aboard coolers down to one. We encourage you to bring your camera to preserve the memories. However, if you bring along electronics like phones or cameras please be aware that a boat can be a harsh environment for these items so keep them stored while not in use. We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal items. Check the weather and dress layered according. Remember that it is easier to remove items if you wear too much than borrow from someone else if you get wet or cold.
Please note that the captain only has sole authority to cancel a trip. It is required that you show up for your scheduled charter unless you have previously heard differently from the captain. Often the weather offshore can be entirely different than the on-land forecast. If the captain feels it is necessary to cancel the trip, you will have the choice of return of your deposit or rescheduling your reservation. By not showing up for a reservation you are forfieting your deposit.
Yes, all fish caught within the fishing regulations become the property of the charter. However to protect the species we release billfish and certain regulated species. Most all fish that can be kept will have liberal size and/or number limits. The captain is responsible for watching that customers stay within regulations.
Outer Banks Marina has a fish cleaning service for customers that do not wish to clean the catch themselves. If you want to preserve your catch for the trip home we suggest that after you pick up your filets at the marina and then drop them off at Fresh Catch Seafood on Harbor Rd. in Wanchese so they can portion, vacuum pack and freeze your catch. It will be fresh and tasty when you arrive home.
Our mate is always the hardest working person on every charter. They do not earn a salary so they always give you a 100% effort on your trip in order to earn the best tip possible. We are proud of our mate and the job they do! It is traditional on the Outer Banks to tip a hard working mate 20% of the charter rate. If you don't feel that your mate was worth the tip always please tell the captain the reason.
There is to be no hard liquor onboard. If you choose to drink please be responsible. Drunkeness will cause termination of the trip at the captains discretion.
Please feel free to call Capt Frank for some common sense advice and recommendations learned from many years at sea experience with this. The Capt's personal recommendation for over the counter medication is Bonine. I have never had any experience the "relief bands" before, but have seen them advertised. If you are prone to seasickness or motion sickness there are many over-the-counter pills available. However most of them come with undesireable side effects. If you are concerned with taking or even giving these medicines to your family please consider getting an electronic Reliefband. Read this great article about this unique electronic device. They even work well on 3D amusement park rides and even reading a book while riding in a car.